19th to 21st
September, 2018


available places



Borut Peterlin
University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia
Jerneja Ambrožič Avguštin
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Borut Bohanec
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Maja Čemažar
Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Slovenia
Vita Dolžan
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Damjan Glavač
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Loree Heller
Old Dominion University, USA
Simon Horvat
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Jernej Jakše
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tanja Kunej
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Luca Lovrečić
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Massimo Mezzavilla
IRCCS Ospedale Infantile Burlo Garofolo Trieste, Italy
Jana Murovec
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Gregor Serša
Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Slovenia
D. Phillip Sponenberg
University of Maryland, ZDA
Marjanca Starčič Erjavec
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Zlatko Šatović
University of Zagreb, Croatia
Nataša Štajner
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Sabina Semiz
International University of Sarajevo
Nadja Kokalj Vokač
University of Mariboru
Uroš Potočnik
University of Mariboru
Niels Tommerup
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Preliminary program

Topics / Sessions of the Congress will be:

Wednesday, 19 th September
  • Opening Lecture
  • Genetic Disorders
  • Genome Analysis and Annotation
  • Interactions between Genes and Environment
Thursday, 20 th September
  • Biotechnology
  • Genetic Diversity and Genetic Resources
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Golden Chromosome*
Friday, 21 st September
  • Genetic Disorders and Gene Therapy
  • Microbial Genetics
  • Closing Lecture

* The Genetics Society of Slovenia and the Slovenian Society for Human Genetics announce the Golden Chromosome 2018 competition for young researchers from the field of genetics, which will take place at the Genetika 2018 congress; instructions for entry: LINK

Basic information

Location: Radenci, Slovenia

Date: 19th to 21st September 2018

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The deadline for registration and abstract submission is 30th May, 2018


Early registration fees (until 30th May, 2018)

  • Members of the Societies*: 200 EUR
  • Non-members of the Societies: 250 EUR
  • Doctoral students: 150 EUR
  • Daily fee: 100 EUR
  • Undergraduate students: free**
Additional information

Late entry registration fees are 50 EUR higher

The registration fee for the congress must be paid in euros by bank transfer before the congress, otherwise the application will not be considered.

  1. When dealing with an e-bill: send the order form issued by your institution to the cashier of the society Katja Molan at the e-address Please write for whom you are paying.
  2. With individual payments*** complete the Universal Payment Order (UPN) and enter the information below. Please write for whom you are paying.
* indicates required
Application for the "Golden Chromosome« competition
Registration fee includes: conference materials and abstract e-book, access to the lecture room and posters, 3 lunches, get-together event, congress dinner, coffee and refreshments during breaks. Registration fee does NOT include accommodation and breakfast.

Daily registration fee includes: conference materials and abstract e-book, access to the lecture room and posters, 1 lunch, 1 dinner, coffee and refreshments during breaks.
*Reduced registration fee for the members of the societies: Genetics Society of Slovenia, Slovenian Society for Human Genetics, Slovenian Society of Plant Biology

**Undergraduate students who will present a proof of their status will have access to the lecture room and posters, and to coffee and refreshments during breaks.
***Payment information:
Slovenian Genetics Society, Jamnikarjeva 101, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
SI56 0201 4005 1073 956
GENETICS 2018 – "Name and surname of the participant"